The Secrets To Renting an Apartment With Bad Credit

rent apartment with bad credit

Finding an apartment online is easier than ever, but it might be a little difficult when you have bad credit. If you are apartment hunting and you know you have no credit or bad credit, it might be smart to see what options you have.

The first thing you should do is run your own credit report. See what’s on it and how it’s affecting your credit score. This might help you work towards making long-term decisions that will help improve your score. There are many websites where you can access your credit report for free or you can write directly to the credit bureaus and they can even mail you a copy at no cost.

Start your research online

If you’re the type of person that Google’s everything and is constantly on social media, use your savvy Internet skills to your advantage. There are many ways you can use the Internet to get what you want, including a no credit check apartment. These are some ideas on where to start:

  • Read customer reviews. Use sites such as Yelp to search apartment companies that interest you. Many reviews include specific details, such as tips on how to get the apartment without a credit check.
  • Use social media. Ten years ago, the Internet didn’t exist and now you can use a # or tag to search specific things. You can type in #XCityApartmentsForRent on Facebook, Twitter, or even Instagram and you can quickly draw hundreds of listings near you.
  • Use websites like to find local apartments. They often post photos and details and many of them are private owners. They also post specific addresses, which allows you go an extra step and look on Google Maps to see pictures of the outside of the building and even scope out the neighborhood using Google Streetview.


No credit check apartments

If you started your search online, make sure you read the fine print. Many real estate companies offering rentals have specific requirements and some may not even require a credit check. Many independent owners don’t do credit checks. Here are some tips on doing your search locally:

  • Drive around the neighborhood. Landlords may have “For Rent” signs outside their apartment building.
  • Local newspapers: You can find great apartments from independent owners who might not even ask for a large deposit or credit check.
  • Real estate agents: Many of them know the area very well. They are always doing research on different areas, so they might know the perfect location for your specific needs.


Money talks

There are ways to use your persuasion skills to good use. You might be lucky enough to find good landlords who have been in your shoes. Talk to them and explain your situation. Maybe you’ve had a bad year where you’ve lost your job or you just moved to the area and are adjusting. These are some ways to persuade your future landlord  you’ll pay your rent on time:

  • Tell them about your job. If they know you have a steady well-paying job, that will give them some reassurance you will be able to afford the apartment.
  • Get a co-signer. Getting someone to vouch for you if you can’t make your rent gives the landlord a piece of mind because one way or another he’ll get his money.
  • Money, and plenty of it.  Be prepared to have at least 2-3 months of rent to convince your landlord you’re worth the risk. If they don’t ask for a credit check, they will more than likely ask for a large security deposit.

There are many ways to rent the apartment of your dreams, even with bad credit. Be sure to do your homework ahead of time. Do your research online and locally. Look at all your options and start your research early to make sure you land a great apartment. Don’t be discouraged if you have bad credit, but do prepare yourself for the extra cost.


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